The Key to the Dragon’s Lair

The dragon’s lair in myth and story is always a secret and well protected place; usually underground. What might a dragon’s lair be symbolic of? The underground and secret nature of the dragon’s lair symbolises what we guard most of all within ourselves. What we lock away and keep from the prying eyes of loved ones and the world. We may occasionally let someone in for a glimpse but we never actually give them the key. The key to the dragon’s lair is only ours to own in perpetuity.

The dragon represents our savage, hubristic, and instinctive animal natures; there is immense power contained here down in the lair. It cannot survive out in the world because it is too politically incorrect and belongs to an older more primitive age. It still underpins much of our drive and ambition; especially the deep desire to amass riches and money. It is why we strive and work hard to own things like our home and stocks and shares. The dragon is very at home with the concept of investments and making money. But it is also much more than these material manifestations; it is a darker and more compulsive place.

It is a component of the mind, the brain stem, where the fight or flight survival instinct has no time for idle thoughts. The dragon’s lair is a part of the human anatomy, but buried very deep to avoid exposure and weakness. Adulterous affairs can shine a torch light on the dragon’s lair and the stirring of the scaly beast within it. The key to the dragon can be found in the furious fucking of the winged beast, as it hovers above the loins of a lover in illicit passion. The locksmith cannot penetrate the dragon’s lair without access to the psychology of the soul greedy for forbidden love.

We live in a society which denies its dark side, which locks up its deviants and criminals; and so we have lost the key to the dragon’s lair. The fire breathing beast only emerges during times of war and other states of emergency. Then, the dark elements within life find their feet and spring into action to prey upon the weak. The fetid and sulphurous smell of an animal too long cooped up wafts into our once safe space and savage excitement erupts. Claw and fang, steaming tongue, blood and gore; as innocence has its heart ripped out and swallowed whole. The metallic taste of blood permeates the zone; the dragon’s lair is empty as the beast roams.

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