The Dragon Poses in Yoga

Some say the dragon poses in yoga are the toughest of them all to hold and breathe into; and so they should be if named after the noble flying beast. Dragons are symbolically rich in oriental culture, as the dragon represents the mighty earth element. Yoga is an earthy spiritual practice, it utilizes the physical body, which is on the earthy plane, but it seeks to soar upon spirit once freed from the material plane. Kundalini energy is depicted as a coiled snake or dragon; and it releases up the meridians along the spine.

There are eight different recognised dragon poses. Starting with the Baby Dragon, then the Dragon Flying High, then the Dragon Flying Low, the Twisted Dragon, then the Winged Dragon, the Overstepping Dragon, the Dragon Splits and finally the Fire-Breathing Dragon. And once you have completed this series of poses you will be guaranteed to be ready to breathe fire in your life. Your coiled kundalini may be unleashed and prana energy may flood your consciousness.

The dragon poses will work on your hip flexors and your quadriceps. Also, the deep stretch on the joint may relieve sciatica. You can begin the basic Dragon from Down Dog or some sort of table-top hand and knee position. At my old teacher’s studio ACM Group Yoga the dragon poses are a favorite with many of their yoga teachers and students. Spreading the power of the Dragon is part of their mission to awaken the consciousness of the planet. Group yoga and group meditation can empower multiple awarenesses and harness the cosmic power inherent within the universe.

The dragon poses in yoga are associated with flexibility and the power of the lower chakras. Your hips and quadriceps muscles contain energies which connect us to our earthy bodies and the material plane. Survival issues and strong earthly powers are locked into this region of the physical body. Stretching these joints and muscles can release old fears and dead energies that have been stored in this area. The dragon is known to hoard energy locked in talismans, symbolically represented by treasure in many of the myths and narratives. Releasing the energy locked up with your own nest egg and sense of material security can unleash powerful energies for spiritual growth. The dragon’s lair is underground, usually under a mountain, but the dragon, also has wings to fly in to the heavens. The dragon poses in yoga can teach us to let go of our attachment to material possessions and free our energies in the process.

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