Purple Dragon Symbolism in Erotic Literature

The dragon is a powerful symbol in both occidental and oriental culture. The chivalrous knight, like St George, slays the savage dragon to protect the innocent people from its ravages. The fire breathing dragon in Tolkien’s The Hobbit is a vicious avaristic lizard who, perhaps, represents neo-materialism. The Chinese dragon is a grand mystical character that presents itself in a pageant of color and furious sound. The red dragon is best known in the orient. Purple dragon symbolism in erotic literature can involve sexual rituals, where the participants orgiastically play out the meeting of spirit and matter.

The color purple has always been associated with wealth and splendor. The Roman emperors wore the purple because purple dye was extremely hard to come by and prohibitively expensive. Jupiter or Zeus, the king of the gods, was always represented in symbolic purple. This tradition was pinched by the Roman Catholic Church for its archbishops and bishops when it became the state backed religion of the Roman Empire around the fourth century AD. Purple was for kings, gods and high priests.

In a similar way, purple became the symbolic color of erotic passion; the color of eros. Erotic and romantic love have always been considered the higher forms of love; the most passionate expressions of love between man and woman. Purple is a mix of black and red, or dark blue and red, and takes the color of blood and the color of death and combines them. Blood is grand passion and the little death of the orgasm is dark as night. To wear the purple is to invite these intense erotic experiences into your life. The purple dragon can fly high into the night sky; and reach the peaks of sexual ecstasy. The purple dragon was street slang for LSD; another chemical high.

Erotic love is often an obsession; one is compelled to seek savage pleasure and passion at the hands of another. The animal is released within and the rational crumples at the beating wings of the dragon; the beating pulse of your heart. Aroused in the night by the presence of your lover, you must commune with them, couple and come together in an act of congress. Purple dragon symbolism in erotic literature speaks of the obsessive nature of love and lust. The head of the aroused penis may be purple before it erupts and the swollen clitoris can be likewise, engorged. The dragon feeds on its victims as do lovers on each other’s mouth and orifices; sucking the life blood and saliva for all its worth.

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