Valentine’s Day for Dragons: His Hot Breath Sends Her Wings A-Flutter

There is nothing like a dragon in bed, he or she, can beat back those blankets and sheets in fiery passion and shake down the thunder from the sky. Talk about whimper and moan in conjugal bliss; you bet your bottom stocking baby. The fire breathing scaly old dragon can bonk with the best of them and then come back for more. So, Valentine’s Day for dragons: his hot breath sends her wings a-flutter for sure. Curling up with a warm body on a cold night, playing tongues with a drippingly wet fuck buddy, and making mad love on the mattress, are all things you should remember to honor your dragon.

In those fantasy romance novels, and those erotic stories, your dragon takes pride of place, stimulating the libido of the narrative with his or her very presence. When you’ve got it, flaunt it baby. The power and the passion can make a grown woman gush. Like an electric brush fire in a tinder dry forest, the dragon paws the ground, or rather claws the ground. There is a shimmer in the air and the magic of love is suddenly all around. Valentine’s Day for dragons: his hot breath sends her wings a-flutter.

Where do you celebrate your Valentine’s Day with a lusty dragon? Do you publically parade your good fortune in dating a dragon by eating out at the most expensive restaurant in town? Or, do you celebrate privately in a blaze of sexual abandonment with your engorged scaly beast in the bedroom of a five star palace? Love and its demands are uniquely met by all of us as distinctive individuals in partnerships. There is no right or wrong, really, as long as you say yes to another excess, in whatever format is most appropriate to your relationship.

The Feast of Saint Valentine’s Day, to give this day its proper title, was originally a Christian liturgical feast day to honor the saint named Valentinus. It was Geoffrey Chaucer, one of the founders of medieval English, as a respected national language, who in the fourteenth century, celebrated St Valentine’s Day as a day to honor courtly and romantic love. The dragon, of course, has a well attested place in the greater scheme of chivalrous knightly behaviour, challenging those knights to overcome the beast within them. But what is love without a bit of beast hey? A very boring Valentine’s Day indeed, that’s what!

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