Social Media for Dragons: An Opportunity for Marketers

The dragon represents something powerful, something magical and something with a rich tradition in human culture. Dragons are big in a multiplicity of fields: at the movies; and in digital games; on sporting fields; in banking; and who knows where the next big dragon will pop up? Social media for dragons: an opportunity for marketers may be just around the next digital corner. If you have a dragon product or service you may want to grab the dragon moniker on social media; so what is currently available for the savvy marketer?

Social media for dragons: an opportunity for marketers, whether it be through Instagram marketing or some other social media strategy, can deliver targeted audience interactivity for the right campaign. Images of dragons and related dragon paraphernalia can grab the attention of your market. News about dragon stuff can pique some interest from a world swimming in information and entertainment. Social media can help you cut through the morass and make an impact. If you are thinking about getting your dragon ready to fly out there in the marketplace what can you expect and are the appropriate digital addresses available?

Looking at we can see that it has been acquired but there are no posts; looks to be neglected and you may be able to purchase this from the current holder. Next, checking out here we see it being employed by an entity called the Dragon Academy. The Dragon Academy is a Hatch-3 puzzle adventure game about dragons; you can play this on iOS/Android, Kindle and Facebook. This seems to be coming out of Austin, Texas and has been operational since August 2013. The last post was on the 12 April 2015; so it seems semi-dormant at this stage and may be able to be purchased. Checking out the page is taken but not visible right now, which means it may be being held in preparation for a campaign or is only available to a private audience. Going to someone called Loz has the digital address and, again, it may be available to purchase for a campaign.

This dragon social media sphere seems underutilised at the moment and ripe to be picked up by any organisation with dragons on their agenda. The social media market for dragons is waiting for the business with the get up and go to make it happen. Dragons roar!

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