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Welcome to our 'Prop Building' page!   Like many of you fellow "Halloweeners" we started out putting scary decorations in our yard for Halloween.   That eventually led to a more elaborate Halloween Party and Dance that we held in our barn.     This included a small, informal walk through area that our guests (family and friends) could go through during the party.     Of course like all fanatical Halloween nuts, we have since gone all out and graduated to a full-blown professional Haunted Barn open to the public several days during the Halloween season.

Many people have asked us how we make some of the props and sets that we have inside the haunt.    Many of them are simple optical illusions that you can all make at home.     We work year 'round making a lot of these things and rely heavily on THE MONSTER LIST (click here to read more...).   This is a list put together by people across the nation that all enjoy Halloween and work together to share their ideas and inventions.     We wouldn't be where we are today without this great tool.

For even more support and to hear from other Halloween Fanatics, click on the link below to sign up to be included in an email group that focuses on Halloween and prop building:


Click on the links below to see how we built it!

Dot Room


Flying Crank Ghost

Jason Room

Butcher Room (Dr Death's Domain)

Bad Baby

Werewolf with moving head

Front Castle Facade


Lightning and Thunder

Body Split Zombie

Out of Control Semi Truck


(**More detailed information on each item will be coming soon!)


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