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 Dragon's Eye PRE-PLANNING Pizza Party!!


...are you sure you wanna see 'em??....

The entrance to Castle Reynstone and the creepy graveyard out front
Welcome to the Dragon's Eye.....will you be brave and step inside?  Erik F. and Krystle will help make your visit an unforgettable one!
Uh oh .... Enter at your own Risk .... Touch Nothing and Nothing will Touch you .....WE HOPE!!! Andromeda (Brice) and little Austin pose for the camera .......NO ANDROMEDA DON'T EAT LITTLE AUSTIN!!!!  IF YOU'RE HUNGRY GO GET SOME NACHOS FROM THE CONCESSION STAND!!
Darth Maul (Erik R.) joined the fun this season.....maybe you saw him and his family as you walked through the dungeon room.    If you were lucky -- you DIDN'T see them!  *Click on any of these pictures to enlarge*
Is that really a floating, talking head ?!?
Wait a minute....is there someone standing there?    This hidden monster was simply known as 'Dot' and boy did it scare its share of people!  **Click on any of these 3 pictures to enlarge**
Abbie - you don't look so good ...... feeling like half the person you normally are? Merlin the Wizard awaits your arrival
Our evil clown (Stephie and Vanessa pictured) did its share of scaring this season.   Many believed this was the scariest room in the entire dungeon .... **click on either of the two small pictures to enlarge**
Thanks to our many dark hallway monsters -- there were more than a few peetalities and craptastrophies happening in that area! **Click on either of these pictures to enlarge**
Tim M. having fun with that chainsaw.    We had a little trouble controlling Tim throughout the night --- he really liked cutting our guests up!
People were starting to line up at 6:30 before we were even open .....at one point we actually had so many people there was a 2 hour wait!
It almost looks like John is enjoying cutting Kim up !!   What a happy couple!
You're witchy host for the evening .... does she really control lightning and thunder?! Merlin the Wizard awaits your arrival Friends Forever ..... Vanessa, Bobbi, and Caitlin.  What a scary bunch!
Bobbi ......err, I mean Andromeda hamming it up for the camera man.
Nachos, Hot Dogs, Pop, Water, Popcorn, Candy, Cocoa, Coffee, Hot Cider, Caramel Apples .... everyone ate well in Castle Reynstone.     Thanks to Katy and the concession girls!
The Pumpkin Patch was a popular hangout throughout the night....
*click on the pictures to enlarge*
WATCH OUT!!   When you see a dragon egg, you're gonna see a dragon!!
AAHHHH!   Mordread the firebreathing dragon!
**Click on any picture below to enlarge**


(**We couldn't have done it without you!)

Vanessa Kevin Austin
Erik Eric Bryce
Abbie Sam Stephanie
Kim John Tammy
Markie Jessica Bryan
Patrick Brandon Ben
Caitlyn Zeb Tyler
Bobbi Danny Katy
Little Sam Steve Jesse
Tim  Scott Dana
Elizabeth Carole Shirley
Nick Caitlin Rosie


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