Opening Night - October 18, 2008

October 18th, 2008 -- OPENING NIGHT Actors From Right -- Chris (Pee-Nut Butter), Seth (Jason), Steve (Thanksgiving Butcher), Rick (Chainsaw Terror), Taryn (Tooth Fairy), Rachel (Tooth Fairy Victim), Nick (Chimi-Chonga),  Angie (Dark Roamer), Ben (Chainsaw Maniac), Zach (Uncle Sam), Taylor (Leprechaun 1), Colin (Puppet Master), Levi (Red Demon), Shane (Line Actor), Sam (Leprechaun 2), Mike (Peter Rottentail), Kasi (Bloody Bride), Nick (Santa Claws), Sara (Dark Roamer), Brianna (Evil Clown), Austin (Dark Roamer), Sam (Dot), Terry (Line Actor), Kelsey (Evil Clown), Breanna (Little Evil Clown), Jamiee (Zombie Girl), Dani (photographer/videographer/tickets), Kelly (your evil host for the evening.  

Not Pictured:   Russ (Tickets/Maintenance), Charlie Ann (vampire), Maggie (Vampiress), Amanda (Vampire victim), Big Sam (Chainsaw Girl)


Zach looks a little shiny tonight ..... Ben scares the girls outside ... mom and daughter are scared to enter .... Big Sam with her chainsaw
Holy Cow -- Look at the people!! .........Ben still scaring all the girls....
Outside is scarier than inside!! .... the Aeron Ladies out for the night .... Austin and his sister are ready to scare ......
The line is so long it's clear out to the fence!!  WOW!
A school bus sits out on the road ..... a picture of the line up area before all the people come in....
Big Sam saves the day and picks up a chainsaw at the end of the night ... Rottentail and Bloody Bride - what a pair! ... an evil clown ... Hi dot!
Chris is a real Pee-nut! ..... The Christmas Room is SCARY!!!! ....... This guy just broke out of prison....
Demons roam outside ..... the clowns are waiting for you! .... Ben waits for his next victims
Kasi looks so beautiful in her wedding dress ..... Hey -- I said DON'T RUN! ..... Peter Rottentail has a headache -- there's too many people!
Rottentail is ready to scare .... this guy is having fun!! ...... the red demon in the castle --- BOO!
Another shot of the LOOOOONG Line!!
Is that a hay rack?    We had TWO hay rides stop on opening night.   Crazy!
Our zombie girl goes out to eat the hay rack visitors....Is that Michael Myers?   Scaaaaary ......
The chainsaw maniac comes inside to terrorize people as they wait ..... is that Peter Chonga?  or Chimi Rottentail? 
Seth and Rick looking pretty darn scary ...... that spider room is CREEEEEPY!
Jamiee before .............. Jamiee After (I sure don't want to be her when she tries to comb out her hair when we're done!!)
KLSS Radio Comes to do a LIVE BROADCAST!!
Kelly poses with Jennifer and Jared ..... Jen and Jared and Apollo and Buffy ...... No Rottentail -- don't eat Jen!!  Bad Rabbit!!!
Jared interviews Chris on the radio ...... Jared goes live while the chainsaw buzzes in the background ..... Chris does a great job talking!
Jared and Jen go through the haunt with Chloe and the girls ...... Jenn HATES clowns!!  Don't look Jen!!!
Everyone goes through the spider room ---- watch out for the big spider!!
Jared live on the air again ........ Chloe and the girls all get free t-shirts for going through the haunt on the air!!
Mrs G's Kitchen had some delicious food available for all.    Kerry said there was so many people, they ran out of EVERYTHING by the end of the night!!!
The pumpkin patch BEFORE we opened --- you don't want to see it after the night was over ...... what a mess!!
Rottentail entertains victims in the line while they wait .... look at all the people!!
Is that Rick?!   Eeeewwww ........ The kids all ready to scare people ..... Rachel gets ready to go in the tooth fairy room ....
Steve and his "little buddy" .... Rick hides in the back hallway waiting for his next victim .... Russ helps the tooth fairy with her wings
Here Comes Santa Claws --- Hey leave that Leprechaun alone!! ........ The monsters scare some visitors that come early ---
The leprechaun room will make you scream!!  ....... Is that the real JASON?!
Steve in his Thanksgiving Terror room ..... this place is nasty ....
15 Peetalities on Opening Night!!!!
What the heck is that?? ......the demons lurk through the line up ....... Santa isn't looking too good tonight .....
This is what Steve does when he gets sick of the kids ...... Colin and Taffy are VERY entertaining ..... Tooth Fairy -- NOOOO!  Don't take the kid's teeth!!
Pee-Nut Better dances a little jig ..... a very apprehensive group! .....Russ laughs at the kids
The clown room gets people everytime!! ......... Here's a shot of one of the busses that stopped.
Vampires Everywhere!!! ............More people coming with more food
No tooth fairy!   Leave them alone!!!
Some pics sent in from Rick's wife!!
Look at all that food!!   OMG!!
Dani at the end of the night ---- a record breaker for number of people and cans of food -- 2,032 cans of food collected --- WOW. 

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