October 13th

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October 13th -- OPENING NIGHT

Monsters for Opening Night Were (from left):  Danielle (maintenance/photographer), Steve (on the ground) (Dark Hallway Ghoul),Jamie (Grudge/Emily Rose), Big Sam (Wee Wee Man), Cassie (Swamp Monster), Caitlin (Evil Clown), Bryan (Maintenance), Little Sam (Evil Clown 2), Vicki (Spider), Drake (Andromeda), Tammy (tickets/Pumpkin Patch), Morgan (Jason), Bobbi (Evil Clown 3), Cameron (Dark Hallway), Zach (Hannibal Lector), Nick (Leatherface), Brianna (Living Dead Girl), Chantelle (Dark Hallway), Michelle (Dark Hallway), Katy (Dark Hallway), Heidi (Dark Halway, Justin (Mr Insano), Taryn (Dot), Vanessa (Boogie Man), David (Psycho Bob), Hannah (Jason), Chris (PeeNut Butter Demon), Cole (Shower Creeper); Ben (Scarecrow), Scott (Bloody Victim), Shandy (Tarot Reader), Ashley (Bunny in Pumpkin Patch), Stephie (KISS Creature), Kelly (your witchy host) : 

Not Pictured - Russ (Tickets), Kerry (Hagatha), Megan (Hagatha's Assistant), Tim (Flying White Dragon); Louise (Parking Assistant)

 Total Volunteers for the Night:   41


Oh my gosh!    What a crazy night it was.     We opened up for the first time this season.   People were lined up at the door by 7:00pm.    We had Jared Allen and Ryan Ihde from KLSS here doing a live radio remote that drew in tons of people.   At one point throughout the night Jared and Ryan actually toured through the haunt with a group of girls LIVE ON THE AIR!!  Talk about SCREAM!!!   I wish I could have heard what that sounded like.      Hagatha's Brew, our concession trailer outside, sold out of food by 11:00pm.    They had flavored popcorn balls, cookies, sno cones (even though it was cold those sno cones were pretty popular!!), chili, Wisconsin cheese soup, BBQ beef burgers, hot dogs, chili dogs, nachos, walking tacos ...... and LOTS more!     Hagatha said she NEVER thought she would sell that much food in one night!  We had people go through the haunt then come out and grab a bite to eat and sit on the picnic table and watch all the other people come out screaming!!   What a hoot!!     Shandy, our tarot reader, was a HIT!    She always had someone in her chair getting a reading.        I had her do mine at the end of the night ..... it was FREAKY -- I don't even know this girl and she totally got me .... like she has known me forever.     You have GOT to get out here next Saturday and try it out.    It's amazing how accurate she actually is.         There were so many things going on out here last night that it was hard to keep up with everything.     There were several times where we had families go in and a few minutes later ...... families came out ..... with a few members crying.    Just too much to handle!!     Into the Pumpkin Patch they would go!!     We had 8 peetalities last night -- not too bad for our monsters just getting the feel for scaring --- I can't wait to see what will happen next weekend now that we're REALLY good at scaring!!!     I will give you all a little tip ....... if you're more faint of heart and just looking for a fun scare ..... come out around 7:00pm right when we open.    Our monsters are just getting the feel for their positions and it's moderately scary.      If you're wanting a REALLY good scare, I recommend coming around 9:ish ..... that's when the barn starts rocking.      That's when the screams can be heard for miles.       Last night we welcomed back a few unforgettable characters ..... Dr Death, Mr Insano, PeeNut Butter, The Grudge, Dot , Wee Wee Man, Scarecrow ...... and we welcomed in a few NEW characters sure to go down in history ...... Psycho Bob, Hannibal Lector, the Shower Creeper, and many more ...... 

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16 peetalities on SATURDAY NIGHT -- 10/20/07  --Click here for pictures!!

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