The Dragon's Eye

Once upon a time, in a land of magic and mystery, there lived 5 evil Dragons.       Each one was different from the rest but all had hearts as black as night.      They were all ruled by the Devil himself and lived to spread sadness and death to all humankind.      These fiendish five dragons all lived together in a dark castle called Reynstone.    They lived together and hunted together -- terrorizing the neighboring kingdom of Hamptonian.

Mordread was the biggest of the five dragons.     He was blood red with eyes as black as night.     He would cause destruction by breathing fire on his victim's homes and would burn humans alive and laugh while they were burning.  


Yogguth is the second dragon.     He was born deformed, without wings.     Yogguth turned even more evil over the years as he grew older because of his missing wings.    He walks the earth searching to destroy any and all humans he encounters to get revenge. 


Andromeda is the third evil beast living in castle Reynstone.      Cursed as a youngster, he spends his days in purgatory as half Dragon - half human.     Many years before, he faced the powerful wizard - Merlin.       Andromeda thought his magic was much more powerful than Merlin's and he challenged him to fight.    Merlin outsmarted Andromeda and cast a spell on him forever changing him into a horrible beast -- not human, not dragon -- but something in between.       He has no magical powers but is so terrifying to see that his mere presence scares people to death.


The brothers are joined by one female dragon -- Delphyne.   She is a striking beauty.     Pure white with piercing blue eyes.       Delphyne has the power to hypnotize a human with her entrancing beauty.   She also has the magical ability to become invisible to her enemies -- the humans.      You won't see her until it's too late....


The last dragon living in castle Reynstone is the most powerful and the most horrible --- Reyzahr.      He is blue/black in color and has the heart of a devil.       Reyzahr only comes out at night and lives on human blood.     He flies over the valley and snatches off peoples heads and drinks their blood.       This is the dragon that is most feared by the villagers as he is the leader of the rest of the dragons and is the favorite pet of Satan himself.      


Castle Reynstone was once a very beautiful and bright place owned by King Mercurius and his family until the five sinister dragons moved in.     The King tried everything in his power to kill the dragons and regain his kingdom, but nothing could defeat the five monsters.       He finally decided to call upon the magic of the great wizard --- Merlin --- to find out what he could do to stop the death and destruction.


Merlin told the King that there was only one thing that would stop them.    Someone needed to capture Reyzahr, the leader, then coax all the dragons into the dungeon room located in the back of the castle.   After all the dragons are gathered together in the dungeon someone has to remove one of Reyzahr's eyes, and place it outside the closed dungeon door.     This powerful magic eye would keep the dragons inside that room -- forever -- never allowing them to leave.

The King was happy to find a way to defeat the dragons, but how would he ever find someone brave enough to carry out this task?      He asked Merlin if he knew of anyone that had the skills to outwit the beasts and the strength to overpower Reyzahr to remove his eye.     Merlin knew of only one man that could save the kingdom of Hamptonian........he is known as BACCHUS.  

BACCHUS had defeated many foes in his time.   This was the only man for this battle.      King Mercurious asked Merlin to send for BACCHUS at once.    

After Bacchus arrived, the King explained what Merlin said needed to be done.     The King would reward Bacchus with many riches and would give him the hand of his daughter in marriage if he was triumphant.    He agreed to help the King rid his land of these beasts forever.   

Bacchus formulated a very devious plan to trick all the dragons into the dungeon.       He snuck into Reynstone and managed to make his way back into the dungeon at the fare end of the castle.    Once he was in place, he took out his knife and cut his finger.    Reyzahr sensed that someone was inside the castle as he could smell fresh human blood.     He followed the scent to the dungeon.    Before entering he called to his brothers and  Delphyne to join him in destroying the intruder that had dared enter his castle.    They slowly entered the room one by one.   

Bacchus  was waiting for them balanced on a beam on the ceiling high overhead.      When Reyzahr entered the room after the other four dragons, Bacchus swung down on top of him and blinded him by slashing one of his eyes with his knife.     Once he was partially blinded, he worked with lightning speed and cut out the other eye.     Reyzahr let out a deafening scream.    The others turned around to see what was happening and immediately rushed to Reyzahr's rescue.       Mordread lit the room on fire to prevent Bacchus from escaping.     Delphyne used her power of invisibility to fly down on Bacchus to grab him.  Andromeda and Yogguth descended on Bacchus to get their revenge as well.    Bacchus was ready for battle......POW.......CRASH.......BAM....... and before you know it, Bacchus had beaten all five dragons.  They were all laying in a pile in the corner of the dungeon.    As he turned to walk out the dungeon door, Satan popped up out of the floor in front of him blocking his way out.   Bacchus outsmarted the Devil and rolled Reyzahr's eye out the door.   As the two struggled in combat, the Devil grabbed onto the door and pulled it shut..... forever locking all the evil ones inside.....WITH Bacchus who was never seen again.

After several days had passed, the King became curious about what had happened.    He summoned his bravest warriors to accompany him to castle Reynstone to try to find Bacchus.     When they arrived, they found a peircing dragon's eye mounted in front of the dungeon door.    The King approached the doorway, but Merlin suddenly appeared.   "Stop.    Do not touch the Dragon's Eye or open that door --- EVER.   They are all trapped inside for eternity.     The only thing that may release them is to remove the Eye. "     The King agreed to never disturb the Dragon's Eye, and boarded up the entire dungeon room.        

...and that brings us to today.    The kingdom of Hamptonian evolved over the years into the peaceful community of Hampton, Iowa.   It is said that the remains of castle Reynstone still stands somewhere outside of Hampton and that the Dragon's eye still holds the five dragons and the Devil inside the dungeon walls.      The descendents of King Mercurious have discovered the dungeon....and the Eye.       No one has ever disturbed the site in the past 1000 years ---- until now. 


The Reynolds family (descendants of King Mercurious) unknowingly opened up the infamous dungeon room to the public in 2004.  They believed that by cutting a hole out of the door they could pass in and out without disturbing the magical "Dragon's Eye".     Many people came to see this mystical place in 2004 by walking through the small hole cut in the dungeon door.      Some were able to maneuver through the darkness and horrible things inside and a few actually made it out ok.    There were many; however, that were never seen again.      

While inside the dungeon, many reported seeing pods resembling Dragon eggs.     Have the Dragons reproduced making even MORE dragons??   These people witnessed horrors they had never imagined!!     We tried to find out what they saw while inside, but all that survived were so frightened, they would not talk.    The screams coming from the room were spine chilling.   The Reynolds family have already lost two family members inside the dungeon room ...... they went in, but never came out.     The Dragons are now seeking REVENGE on all that enter their doomed lair.

The Reynolds swore to board up this horrific room from hell and never go near it again.    The Dragon's revenge is too strong and powerful.     ----But they keep beckoning......taunting the outside world to come inside.        The Reynolds have decided to open the dungeon room up one more time in 2005.    They ask the public to look for their lost family members inside ..... look for the others that travelled through in 2004 that never came out.....maybe they can still be saved ....


The 2005 Halloween season is over.    The Reynolds family opened up the dungeon one more time hoping to save the lost souls inside ..... instead, something terrible happened.       The huge Dragon's Eye that was mounted to the Dungeon door that had Merlin's spell cast upon it holding all of the dragons and other evil inside was accidentally knocked down!     The eye was broken and now NOTHING is holding the monsters inside.    Some of the victims visiting this year experienced first hand what happens when the monsters come outside the dungeon walls .......


The 2006 Halloween season has come and gone.    Castle Reynstone hosted a record number of victims.   We counted approximately 3,500 people walking through the dark mazes.     Some came out and some, well.....just didn't make it without some type of peetality or craptastrophy.     This year we saw what happens when the 'evil' was allowed outside of the dungeon walls.      Many visitors never made it into the Castle.      We saw many that drove in and drove right back out.     Monsters were roaming around in the cornfields, in the cemetary outside, in the waiting line, and in all sorts of unexpected places.     Nobody was safe.       The Dragon's Eye was knocked down in 2005 ... nothing is holding the Dragon's and their evil reign of terror in check.     Nothing was able to stop them in 2006 ..... will we be expected to see more of the same in 2007??


The 2007 Halloween season was phenomenal.   Record crowds..... School busses ....over 40 monsters inside on some nights ..... this thing has turned into a HUGE ATTRACTION!! :o)   Who would've thought 4 years ago when they told us nobody would come that this is what would happen?   Many people tell us that we're the scariest haunt that they've ever been to.  That's quite a compliment considering we're a bunch of amateurs that throw this thing together at the last minute a month before we open.       We gave out more "I Peed My Pants in the Dragon's Eye Haunted Barn" shirts than ever before.      It was crazy.   Definitely a year that will stay in our memories forever. 






Come join us again for the 2008 Halloween season and walk through "The Dragon's Eye Haunted Barn".    Pass through the portal of darkness and explore what remains in castle Reynstone's dungeon.......if you dare.   Will there ever be any hope for the community of  Hampton to eventually destroy this evil once and for all?    Tune in later to see what happens....!!

What horror awaits those that dare enter this place of darkness and death?????

 Have YOU ever seen a REAL DRAGON??


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