2009 Amazing Race

Kelly got a call from her old high school friend, Rhonda Allan, at 9:30 this morning asking if the Dragon's Eye Monsters might be interested in participating in their "Amazing Race" party they were having that same night.    SURE!!  That sounds like a ton of fun!! Not much time to plan and decorate, but we'll throw some stuff together real quick and and see if we can't get a couple screams out of those kids tonight!!   ..... and so our "Amazing Race Story" starts .....
When Kelly found out about the kids coming over, she immediately called in four of her best monsters for the challenge --- Zach, Nick B, Nick P, and Dani.   They all said they were IN!!  ....and away we go!!
Dani and Kelly worked out a scare tactic for the two teams coming in.    The barn pretty much looks like a normal horse barn right now and isn't all that scary.    They chose one especially dark and scary unused stall in the back of the riding arena.  They thought if they led each team to that stall, with the lights off .... it would be dark enough by that time of night to be scary.    To make it just a wee bit scarier, the girls called in Zach (one of our main builders) and he buzzed over at 7pm to decorate up that back stall.   Dani and Zach slammed up some black sheeting real quick, while Kelly tied up a few scary spiders and giant cockroaches and a clown and a couple masks.     She had Zach and Dani staple up a couple snakes and another giant cockroach inside the stall on the walls.  Then they took some left over black gossamer and stung it down from some boards sitting on top of the stall.    Finally -- they stapled up a ceiling with the left over sheeting --- and WALLA!!   A VERY SCARY and VERY DARK, little space.   The plan was that Zach would hide in the back of this little stall with a chainsaw ...... Dani would tell the teams that the envelope with their clue inside was in that stall and they would have to all go in and find it (Zach had it stapled to the wall UNDER the snake!! :o)   They would need to use their cell phones for light to see in there because when we put the ceiling on --- you couldn't see your hand in front of your face in that stall.    It was DARK!!    When they all got in the stall ....... Zach would wait until he heard one of them say -- I FOUND THE CLUE!! Then he would start up his chainsaw and come busting out of the back behind the curtain and chase them all out ...... so they couldn't get their clue.     Then Nick and Nick would converge behind them so they wouldn't run out of the barn and basically they would be trapped between all the monsters.    In theory -- that should erupt into a complete scream fest.   :o)
Once the stall was decorated and make dark enough ..... the kids started in on their costumes.   What should they be??  Nick P picked out Chimichonga immediately.   That's the character he made famous and he does the best.   Zach chose the Dr Death lab coat and paired it with the clear mardis gras mask topped with a kooky looking red and black wig.     Nick B played around with the red and black clown outfit which was VERY CREEPY and then swapped over to Skeletor ..... EQUALLY CREEPY -- Skeletor is always a winner when trying to freak out the guests.  :o) 
Then Nick B decided he needed a "prop" to carry and he found the hanging dead guy.  He took his legs off and started carrying around is body --- VERY creepy look coupled with Skeletor.   We like it!!!     Zach started experimenting, too .... and out pops the Wee Wee Man mask!! (**and I have to add in here ...... any of our 'horsey' friends looking at this can see Russ's progress on the barn remodel.    It's looking pretty darn good!! -- If you haven't been here in a while, you won't recognize the barn now!!)
This gruesome mask got it's name because the first year we used it -- it got more people to pee their pants than any other mask out there --- thus, it was dubbed "Wee Wee Man".  Oh yeah -- that's mighty spooky, Zach. 
Nick started with the red and black clown ..... went to skeletor .... got his dead body prop .... and then stuck on the leatherface mask as a joke.   He started dragging the dead body instead of carrying it ...... and that's the one we all picked for him.  THAT was definitely the WINNER!!   That creeped us ALL out.
Yep, Nick -- you definitely get the scariest costume prize for the evening --- spot on!!  It pays to mix and match until you find the most evil looking combo.   Who said 'accesorizing' isn't important to monsters?!      Now it's Dani's turn.   What will she be tonight?
Dani decides to go with The Dark Angel look.   Kelly dons her trademark devil horns and cape as the host for the evening.  Dani does an incredibly subtle make up job in 3 minutes ..... delightfully dead looking.   PERFECT!!
We twined up the big Dragon's Eye Banner to the east fence and we're ready to scare!!
While we're waiting for the first group --- Chimichonga and Leatherface perfect their act.  They practice their moaning and growling signals to each other.  They are going to be hiding in the corn when the teams get here.  When the kids get out of their vans, Kelly will greet them and ask how their night is going so far.     She'll distract them with casual conversation when all of a sudden .....
...a body will come FLYING out of the field out of nowhere and land on the grass (Nick has thought ahead and tied a couple extra peices of twine to the dead body)    It's now like a big fishing pole --- he THOWS the body out ..... Kelly jumps and screams -- OMG!! What is THAT?!!   (and Nick slowly pulls it back into the field ....) Kelly says -- I have NO CLUE what that was -- this isn't good -- we need to get outta here!    Then Chimi starts growling and moaning and shaking the corn way away from where Nick is.    Kelly points the other way and says WHAT'S THAT?!    ANOTHER ONE?   Then Nick starts groaning and moaning and shaking the corn --- and now we have both areas moving.     .....oh yeah .... this is gonna REALLY freak out some teenagers if played right.
So now our scare tactics are planned ...... now we wait for our victims to arrive .....
...and we wait ....
....and wait .... and Chimi dances .... and Leatherface plays with Corky .... and Corky wonders "What the heck kind of family have I come to live with?!! These people are NUTS!!"
...and Nick becomes WAY too attached to his dead body ....
AND FINALLY -- 9:30pm -- Group 1 Arrives!!!   7 teenagers.    PERFECT!!!  They get out of the van and are all excited!!! Where is our clue!!!!   Kelly chats with them and finds out where they have been already ..... they are all so excited and so happy and are just chatting away telling her about their night when BOOM!!  Out of nowhere comes a dead body FLYING out of the cornfield and slams on the ground.  Kelly screams and the girls scream --- Kelly says OMG!!  WHAT WAS THAT?!!!    Chimi starts growling and shaking the corn.  Two of the girls start screaming even more and run to the mini van and jump inside and lock all the doors and cower in the back seat with their heads buried.   The rest of the kids are looking out to the feild because now there are a LOT of noises coming from there and the corn is moving like crazy!! WHAT IS IN THERE!?!?!    I tell the kids -- We need to get outta here -- I don't know what's in there ..... this isn't good.   Seriously -- that's not part of what we have planned for you tonight --- let's get inside the barn NOW!!   
-- but first you have to get your friends out of the van or we can't give you your clue -- it has to be the WHOLE team.    So they FORCE the two girls to get out of the van --- they get out and practically RUN into the barn.   ..... the whole time Nick and Nick are making all kinds of terrible noises in the corn.  Leatherface has actually come OUT of the cornfield and doubled down the backside of the arena and is making noise there.   The girls are chanting -- I don't like this --- I don't like this --- this isn't worth it -- I didn't know this would happen -- I don't like this -- I don't like this ---
Kelly introduces Group 1 to The Dark Angel.  She doesn't speak but she will take you to your clue.     The Dark Angel leads them into the arena in the dark and points to the scary stall.     I follow them with my camera.   They look at me --- What do we do?   Where is our clue??    I said I think the Angel is trying to tell you that it's inside the stall.    You guys have to go in there and find it.
WHAT?!!  We're NOT going in there!!!  No Way -- NO WAY!!  The Dark Angel points again --- I tell them there's only one way to get that clue --- they HAVE to go in there.    At one point I heard one of the boys say -- I quit.   I'm not going in there.   I give up. Game over.  We're not getting this one --- let's go BACK TO THE VAN RIGHT NOW!!! 
Keep in mind --- when the camera takes pics, the flash goes off and it look a LOT lighter than it really is.    It is pitch dark in that arena.   The kids can barely see this stall let alone anything else around them.    While they were focused on The Dark Angel and the stall --- Chimi and Leatherface have snuck in behind them and are running up on them from behind ...... BINGO!!!  Screaming, Screaming, and more SCREAMING!!!  YAY!!!!
The group is so scared of Leatherface and Chimi that they surge into the stall all at once and then what happens?!  .... oh yeah ---- ZZZZZIIIIIIIIINNNGGGGGGGGGG!  The chainsaw starts up and out pops Zach and they all surge BACK out of the stall screaming their little butts off not sure which way to go!! I am snapping pics the whole time so my flash is recreating a strobe light effect going off and on so they're seeing only brief glimpses of the monsters tormenting them making it even scarier.  :o)     After we scare them for a few minutes ....I tell Dani to flip the lights on .... they FINALLY calm down and go into the stall and get their clue.     They very quickly jump back in their van and get the heck outta here.   Oh yeah --- that whole thing played out PERFECTLY!!!    We all stood in the barn laughing so hard.     AWESOME!  Scaring people is freaking AWESOME!!!
Ok -- we've got one more group to go.   Even Corky is getting into it now.  She anxiously awaits the 2nd group.   Wait a minute --- here comes headlights --- everybody get in your places!!!  It's SHOWTIME!!!
Things play out a lot like the last time -- kids get out of the van --- Kelly chats with them and distracts them a little bit ---- BAM!!  Body comes flying out of the corn and gets pulled back in ... the kids scream and watch the cornfield intently trying to see what is in there that's making all the noise ..... but nothing comes out.......
...and then Chimichonga pops out of the field and goes running along the edge like a gorilla on bent over running on his hands --- the kids scream and point --- WHAT IS THAT??!   (It's so dark they can't really make out what it is ...... they just know it's SCARY!!) ....and then he disappears into the corn again.      Ok guys --- you need to follow The Dark Angel to your next clue --- hurry now.   Get inside before the monsters of the corn come out!!!
This group was a little different than the last group.  They got halfway across the arena and stopped cold.   They wouldnt go NEAR that stall.    No matter how much we coaxed them and coaxed them --they weren't gonna do it.    NO WAY.    They kept arguing over who was going to go in there.   NOBODY wanted to go first.     They would sooner just lose the race than go into that stall and get their clue....
Then they spotted Chimi in the shadows in the back of the arena --- he had climbed over the fence and was now INSIDE with them ..... Ok --- maybe we'd better go in --- one of the guys decided it might be better to go inside than face Chimi behind them --- he slowly pushes aside the sheeting ...... and ZZZZIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGG!!   Out runs Zach with the chainsaw screaming!!!   Notice in the picture how the brave guy very quickly jumps from the front to the BACK to get away from the chainsaw.    Oh yeah --- He's not going in there anymore!!!    Screw that!!
By now Leatherface has also converged on Group 2 and they are SURROUNDED by monsters.   The whole arena erupted in blood curdling screams.   Some of the kids buried their heads and closed their eyes and hugged each other to try to get away from the scary beasts breathing down their necks.
How can you NOT love this stuff?!!!  I really wish we had sound on here -- you would have not believed the SCREAMS we got on these two groups!!   Music to our ears.    :o)
Eventually Group 2 decides to try to make friends with the monsters .....
Wait a minute --- we still haven't gotten our clue --- Do we STILL have to go in there?!    They FINALLY get their clue and are able to go to their next destination. 
Well folks --- that's our "Amazing Race Story".      It took a little while to get things set up and to dig up the costumes and to brainstorm what we were going to do to scare the kids.     I think we spent more time sitting around the banner in the grass telling each other ghost stories than anything else.      We had all just swapped similar stories about how the lights start to act up in the barn in Sept/October when we are doing the haunted barn.   It doesn't seem to do that any other time of the year --- only after we start setting up and through the halloween season.   Seriously -- lights strangely burn out after just being changed ..... and then suddenly come back on with no adjustment.    The CD Player does really weird things, too -- like suddenly changing to a different channel on it's own.     Strobes and other electrical equipment is turned off at the end of the night but is running the next morning.    Strange.   We have all experienced it and were swapping stories.   When Group 2 had gone through their scares -- I told Dani to go turn the lights on (we turned the lights on for Group 1 when they were done so they could find their clue) ---- Dani went to go turn the lights on for Group 2.     She said --- you guys are NOT gonna believe this.     All the lights are burned out.    I looked at her -- WHAT?!   They just worked 30 minutes ago?!   They can't have all burned out???    She said -- I'm hitting ALL the switches and they're not turning on.   They're out.   I just looked at Nick and Nick and Zach and said --- um, yeah --- I think we're done, here.     I told Group 2 -- ok kids let's get your clue and get outta here.  Chimi took his mask off and said --- Seriously?  The lights aren't coming on?    Dani said -- yep -- not lying.     He said -- Ok , I'm outta here.   Weird.     How much you wanna all bet they're working tomorrow morning?    Yeah --- just another story to go along with tons of OTHER weird Haunted Barn stories about weird electrical problems only happening when we're haunting.    Is someone or someTHING from beyond trying to tell us something??   I guess we'll never know.....
(*Insert Twilight Zone music in your head here*)

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