2009 Pizza Party

All the masterful monsters of The Dragon's Eye Haunted Barn met at Godfathers in Hampton on March 21st for the annual "Pre-planning Pizza Party".    We had 39 evil souls show up for food and fun.      You may recognize a bunch of them in the pictures above as some of your favorite characters in the 2008 Haunted Barn.     We also want to thank some of the outside haunt groups that came in for the night to help us brainstorm -- thanks to FRONT YARD FRIGHT guys from Waverly.... the D & D HAUNTED HIKE gang from Clear Lake .... and PUMPKIN MAN PRODUCTIONS who drove all the way from Owatonna for the second year to help us plan our evil, dark maze.  

   Every year  Kelly makes up a video showcasing the previous season and everyone enjoyed the hilarious screams of our poor victims in 2008.    This year we cranked up the sound and I think we scared the entire Godfather's restaurant!!      We all ate pizza .....and more pizza ..... and more pizza!     The group watched DVDs of the Haunt X Awards on the tv in the corner that was a compilation of different haunts across the United States to give us more ideas for this year.  Then the brainstorming commenced when Kelly shined the new map of the 2009 maze up on the wall for all to see -- the theme for 2009 -- THE DRAGONS GO TO THE MOVIES.  

Dani and Kelly spent 4 hours that morning decorating the big party room at Godfathers....
We draped gossamer on the big screen to give it an 'eerie' feel and had a whole lot of skulls sitting underneath it.
We set up Peter Rottentail and the little clown guy and even webbed up the entryway so people had to duck to get into the room.   Creepy!!
The D & D Haunted Hike guys drove their hearse over from Clear Lake and then they set up a scary gravedigger next to the hearse.  We took some pics and I heard that some of the regular Godfather's patrons were out there taking pics with him as well!   He scared people coming in and leaving all night!!!   Too funny!
Some more close up shots of the entryway decorations and Stabbo the Clown on the pop machine.
Maggie and Amanda stand around the scary Pirate dude -- Ye have found the Party me hardies!!  ....Russ visits with Bryan, Tammy and the girls who drove up all the way from Boone!
Chris from D & D visits with Kyle and Jen from Pumpkinman Productions ..... Arrrrgggg Colin be a scary Pirate!!..... Teisha, Kim, and Rick find a good place to sit before everything starts
Dani gets the tv in the corner playing the Haunt X Awards videos (she had to crawl under all the cobwebs to reach the on/off button!!   Oops -- I think we decorated too well!!   :o)  
Everybody watches the preview video during 'social hour'.   We had a compilation video running on the screen of 2005, 2006, and 2007 highlights.
More pics of kids visiting and finding their seats before the pizza came out!
The boys from Hampton and the girls from Mason City all chat ..... Taryn and Rachel!! Boy, these girls have changed over the years haven't they?!!
Louise and Nick find their seats ...... Alissa is a pumpkinman pirate!! ..... can't have the pizza party without Mr Demon sitting in his normal spot.  He's been sitting in this chair for the past 5 years (see past party pics! :o)   Definitely can see a little more wear and tear on poor Mr Demon this year.   He's not aging well.
More decorations ...... a scary red dragon guards the computer.
A shot of the D & D gang hanging out ..... Brianna and her friend enjoy the party .... Kelly and Dani are having fun as usual!
Taffy loves the ladies ........... another shot of the D & D folks ............ Sam with a big smile
Teisha poses with her friend, Mr Demon ........ The Pumpkinman Family signs up for door prizes ....... Taylor from Mason City joins the Dragon's Eye gang this year
Russ is concentrating on what Bryan is trying to tell him .... while Tammy and Hannah laugh ... and Morgan sleeps.  WAKE UP MORGAN!
Uh oh --- this'll wake you up!    Taffy sneaks up on Morgan!  YIKES A CLOWN!!!! ...... Maggie and Dani -- Friends Forever!
FINALLY!!! Pizza's here!!    The kid's start to line up....
A couple more shots of everybody piling their plates with pizza. 
Our group keeps getting bigger and bigger every year.    The pizzas keep coming!!
Everybody chows down before the brainstorming starts!!
A wide shot of the room from the back.
After everybody gets their first plateful of food and gets seated .... Kelly starts up the 2008 Review video that's 20 minutes long.   We crank up the volume and everyone imagines that they are back in the haunted barn enjoying the screams as they eat pizza and salad.
 Kelly stocked up on lots of  'scary' halloween door prizes to draw for and give to those in attendance.    Brianna helped out drawing out the names of the winners.    This picture shows a scary skull mug someone could win.
YAY!!   Seth wins the bloody sword prop!!   NO SETH!! Don't stick the sword through your head!!!!
Jennifer from Pumpkinman Productions wins the 2007 Haunt X Awards DVD set ..... Teisha wins a candy halloween necklace
Whose going to win the neat three headed dog prop?   He had LOTS of tickets in his glass ....... YAY!!  John wins the creepy dog!!
kelly and Brianna keep moving through all the neat door prizes ......Chris wins the skull with the sword through the head.
After the door prizes were all given out, Kelly shined the 2009 map up on the wall and the brainstorming began!!
Kasi comes in late just in time for brainstorming!! ..... Maggie, Kelly, and Amanda having fun ..... Alissa, Jennifer, Gavin and Kyle -- Gavin wins a brand new Dragon's Eye T-Shirt (and maybe it'll actually fit him in 5 years!!  :o)
Aye, Hannah is looking pretty scary ......... Jennifer helps Kaleigh get her eyepatch fixed ...... Teisha, Rick, and Seth hanging out
Thanks to everyone who came and participated in the 2009 Pre-Planning Party!!
Coming to a Haunted Barn near you in October 2009 ....
"THE DRAGONS GO TO THE MOVIES" -- Rated PG (Pretty Gory)
Featuring:   Sinister Spongebob Squarepants Goes Beserk;  Wizard of Oz and the Rabid Flying Monkeys and Zombie Munchkins ; Alice In Wonderland Hell ; Bring It On and Die (Killer Cheerleaders) ; Halloween Illusion (Jason) ; Texas Chainsaw Massacre ; Winnie The Pooh Gets Revenge ; Cat in the Hat Horror ; Teletubby Terror ; 101 Dead Dalmations ; Arachnaphobia ; and much, much more!! 

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