2007 Pizza Party

All the wicked monsters of The Dragon's Eye Haunted Barn met at Godfathers in Hampton on March 17th for the annual "Pre-planning Pizza Party".    We had 35 evil souls show up for food and fun.      You may recognize a bunch of them in the pictures below as some of your favorite characters in the 2006 Haunted Barn.     We gave out a bunch of door prizes to those in attendance including a huge cockroach, a rat in a trap, Dragon's Eye T-Shirts, masks, a centipede, a stuffed black cat, and many, many more special Halloween items.      Kelly made up a video showcasing the 2006 season with candid shots of all the actors mixed with a few video clips that Erik took of our victims walking through the barn of terror.      After we all watched the movie, we ate pizza .....and more pizza ..... and more pizza!     The group also watched DVDs of the Haunt X Awards on the tv in the corner that was a compilation of different haunts across the United States to give us more ideas for this year.  Then Kelly shined the new map of the 2007 maze up on the wall for all to see.       All the monsters came up with some incredible ideas to scare our visitors this year  ---- you'll all have to wait and see what we thought of in October!!  
The monsters enjoyed all the pizza they could eat on Saturday during the party...
Friends all come back together again to enjoy the spirit of Halloween in March!
Godfathers banquet room had an eerie feel to it with all the scary decorations and screams coming from the television in the corner...
Everyone having fun!!
The buffet area was crawling with creepy characters ...
Haunt X Awards playing on the television in the back ...
Some of the lucky winners of the door prize drawing!
Tell me some of those scary ideas!!    Kelly jots down all terrifying tips ....
Now here are some scary folks!
Erik make sure you get all this down so you can build it!!
BOO!! .... These guys really ARE "Witch and Famous!!"
Watching The Dragon's Eye Movie ...
Now isn't this a lot more fun having a Halloween Party rather than a St Patrick's Day party?
Even the entryway into the party room was decorated!
Thanks to everyone who came and participated in the Pre-Planning Party!!
We'll see you all in October!!

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