2006 Pizza Party


On Saturday, March 18, 2006 31 monsters from The Dragon's Eye Haunted Barn got together at Godfathers in Hampton.      The evil group gathered in the haunted party room after eating their fill of pizza to come up with some absolutely horrible ideas for this year's haunted barn.      Visitors this year can expect to see some very unique sets with the most terrifying scares they've every experienced.     We are bringing back some of your favorite scenes -- BUT -- there will be a LOT of different things this year.

 I really think this year is going to be the best and scariest ever!!

Scary Terry & Dr Death having fun! Wee Wee man and family are ready to eat ---

What an evil looking group!!

The guys eating with Mr. Demon Everyone watches the new Dragon's Eye Movie
Stoney and Mr. Demon just chilling out... Erik, Austin, and J.D. fill their plates.
Bryan (aka - Wee Wee), Tammy, Morgan, and Hannah Kim helps the kids get some pop
Breanna checks out the Scream mask that Lexi just won! The boys get ready to eat!

Pam, Gary and Zach and Brandon and Krystle

Waiting for the pizza!

Hey!  It's Taryn and Rachel !


Pam and Gary from Horrid Hollow

Shirley and Breanna checking out the Chinese Auction prizes


Bryce and Katy finally arrive!

Israel sits with Mr. Demon (I think Mr. Demon is falling asleep)

Kelly leads the brainstorming session in the front --- what will be in the first room?!  How about a wall of blood?!!!!   YEAH!


Breanna at the Pizza bar

Kim helps Brandon with his Chinese Auction tickets

Krystle and Tyler checking out the 2006 map Kim, Brandon, Israel, and Stoney

Now Kim helps Lexi with her tickets... Crawling Zombie guy Welcome ....

Everybody has plenty to eat!

Skeleton Bat

Lexi and John

Breanna loses her tooth!   Oh no!!! OK ... we found it!   Now's where's the tooth fairy?!

 Pizza buffet with spiders and cockroaches on it ..... eeeewwww

Hannah checks out the chinese auction

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