2006 Iowa Falls Parade

Dani puts Dr. Death's makeup on... Terry the Groovy Werewolf! Hey!  Who is that little clown?!
Dani and Little Joe with big smiles! Jenny looks SPOOKY! Lauren is the harem girl today
Once we get to Iowa Falls we have to put all the scary things on the float to finish it!
The Big Dragon, "Andromeda" gets dressed...
John is "ANDROMEDA" Dani helps Andromeda with his head There, that's better...
Lauren looking good!! "Andromeda" is ready to scare people. Smile Lauren!
The Evil Dragon... The girls with Stabbo the Clown The dragon talks to the little clown
The Pink Kitty and Dr. Death Kelly is ready for the parade to start! Scooby Dooby Doo!
OH NO -- The dragon is going after the little clown!   Run Little Clown - RUN! NOOOO!!  The Dragon caught the little clown! NO NO NO!!   Dragon, don't eat the little clown!!!   Oh wait, the Little Clown is just giving Dad a kiss.  
The Groovy Werewolf and Dr. Death -- Friends Forever! (unless one of them kills the other one! ) The back of our scary float Dani and Lauren wait for the parade to start.
In the parade... Russ drives the truck!
Jenny and Lauren walk on the left ... Another shot of the back...
Andromeda is going to get you! Dani and Terry walk on the right --
The Big Dragon sits in the back of the truck ... Dr. Death and the Pink Kitty having fun!


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