2005 Franklin County Fair Parade

The Dragon's Eye Haunted Barn team participated in the Franklin County Fair Parade this year.   Kelly (Good Witch) rode on the float along with Connor (Winged Gargoyle), McKenzie (Skeleton Bride with Snake) and Austin (Zombie).     Walkers were Katy and Vanessa (Crazy, Scary Women), Krystle (Nice Kitty), and Bryce (Cool Werewolf).    Dani (Big Dragon) rode in the back of the truck bed and lunged at the crowd as we passed with Russ driving the truck.

The float was made with our old hay trailer.   Black sheeting covered the back and we fringed the sheeting around the bottom.    Off each side of the trailer hung a skeleton and flying dragon.   The back had our sign with website info, the scary hanging vampire lady, and two glow in the dark skulls.   The bed of the trailer held the 10 foot Grim Reaper who stood in the back flanked by a scary man on one side and big, red dragon head on the other ..... dracula hung in the corner. the crypt with a zombie crawling out, lots of skulls and skeletons, a tombstone, and lots of rats were on the front section.      The truck carried a rotting corpse on the hood, lots of skulls in the cab, a winged demon sat next to Russ and severed heads were hung out the doors and windows.      While we drove we played the song "This is Halloween".

Here are some pics! (click on them to make them bigger to see more detail!!)

Krystle putting makeup on Kenzie Little Connor and Kenzie Krystle getting Connor ready...
Is that Jason .... or Collin?! Kelly getting scaaaary! Collin, McKenzie, Connor
Connor is a scaary gargoyle!  What am I going to be? Krystle, Connor, Kenzie, and Katy
Austin getting ready with his scaaary Zombie costume! Dani in her ninja dragon leotard Crazy Vanessa watches everyone get ready ...
Joe, McKenzi, Collin, Connor and Dani getting ready Connor and Kenzie waiting to go! Vanessa and Austin picking through the costumes
McKenzie and her snake ... Waiting to start.... Austin and Bryce fixing up the float
Bryce as the groovy werewolf Dani as Andromeda Bryce again ....
The winged Gargoyle Katy, Kenzie, Dani, Vanessa Side view of float with Connor the Winged Gargoyle
McKenzie with her snake and Connor wait patiently Krystle, Dani and Joe waiting for parade to start Front view of truck with mummy on hood
Front view of float (Katy and Russ in front by truck) Back View of Float Here we GO!
Coming up the road.  Krystle and Bryce walking on the side Another view of us coming up the road... Devil man sits in the cab with Russ throwing candy
Kelly waving Kelly and Connor waving to crowd Back of float
Back home after parade... Parade is finished! Riding home on Float


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